We seek to provide the kind of plan and disciplined approach needed to keep your investments on track during periods of market turbulence. Our investment philosophy applies the core investment principles of portfolio diversification, risk management, and disciplined long-term investing.

Diversification: We feel asset allocation is the most important factor in portfolio performance. Although the mix between equities and fixed income, broadly defined, is typically the most important asset allocation decision, we believe proper diversification requires equities representing a variety of geographies and capitalizations, and maturity/duration and credit quality for fixed income. We also believe in the use of alternative investment strategies.

Risk management: We believe it is imperative to control risk in investment portfolios to reduce portfolio volatility and potentially improve overall cumulative returns. We apply a tactical asset allocation overlay to our long-term strategic asset allocation guidelines that provide us the flexibility to over weight and under weight investments in certain asset classes in line with our views on market risk and opportunity. We especially exercise this flexibility with a view to protect capital in down markets.

Disciplined, long-term view: By taking a long-term view towards investing, we believe we can take advantage of inefficiencies and dislocations within the market caused by the short-term focus of other investors. Whether it is investing in equity or fixed income markets or in alternative asset classes, we seek investments that will build long-term value in your portfolio.

If you have an existing portfolio, we review legacy holdings and develop a plan to minimize capital gains as we reposition your portfolio for maximum benefit. We make adjustments when we identify attractive investment opportunities or believe it is prudent to mitigate risk. We also rebalance your portfolio regularly to ensure that investments stay aligned with your goals.

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