We help you make sense of the array of investment choices by selecting appropriate fixed income, equity, and alternative strategies for your portfolio based on extensive fundamental analysis. Our seasoned team of dedicated professionals employ a rigorous, repeatable process to source, evaluate, select, and monitor your investments, with these hallmarks:

Institutional Access: Through our strong reputation, industry relationships, and the size of our asset base, we have access to high-quality, institutional managers and strategies.

Unbiased Perspective: Managers cannot compensate us to be included in our program. Our fees are based on account assets under management, so our incentive is to select the best strategies and managers for our clients.

Efficiency of Allocation: We bear no inherent biases about the benefits of active versus index management, and weave both styles of investing as appropriate throughout your portfolio construction in our pursuit of the best after-tax, after-fee results for you.

Creative Collaboration: We do not have a "one size fits all" mentality; we believe portfolio construction is a carefully considered, custom tailored art, not a generic process. 

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