Estate Settlement

RWA will steer your family through the maze of probate and tax rules after your death, and smoothly implements the estate plan you developed.

Estate Settlement

Families need experienced counsel in the midst of difficult transitions, and few are as difficult as the months following a loved one’s death, when there are numerous decisions to be made that require careful guidance. RWA’s estate settlement team is skilled in the personal as well as the technical aspects of estate administration and can guide your family with expertise and sensitivity every step of the way.

Estate settlement services span arranging for probate; collecting, inventorying, valuing, and protecting your assets; arranging for the sale of real and personal property; managing your assets during the estate administration period; accurate record keeping; preparing and filing income and estate tax returns; paying estate taxes, expenses, and debts; and distributing estate assets to your beneficiaries. 

RWA will ensure your instructions are carried out and your beneficiaries receive committed personal attention throughout the administration of your estate.

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